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Cybersecurity is a team effort. No single solution can solve this complex and quickly-evolving challenge. That’s why we partner with other industry leaders to lower risk and deliver Identity Hygiene.

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Partnering with SPHERE

Welcome to the EcoSPHERE

The ecoSPHERE is where you’ll find the integrated solutions you need to extend your capabilities, drive innovation, and deliver results. We work with alliance partners, solution partners, and global system integrators to deliver Identity Hygiene to a broad audience.

Here are a few of the ways partnering with SPHERE will benefit you.

We integrate with our alliance partners’ technologies to deliver faster and more accurate results to our customers.

We work with our solution partners to bring awareness of our Identity Hygiene solutions and services to their customers.

Our GSI partners provide turnkey solutions to help solve their clients’ challenges with deeper, broader capabilities.

Alliance Partners

Combining forces to reduce risk

As we were creating our partnership program, we heard a common refrain from our customers. They found the cybersecurity market difficult to navigate. Too much technology. Too many vendors. Way too many promises.

CISOs and other tech executives don’t have the time, budget, or bandwidth to buy a disconnected patchwork of solutions.

This is why we carefully identify opportunities where our combined solutions add significant value, fill a much-needed gap, or deliver new capabilities that clients need. Here are a couple of key examples of Alliance Partner Solutions:

SPHEREboard for CyberArk PAM

This partnership brings the power of SPHEREboard to CyberArk’s leading privileged access management solution. It highlights the most privileged accounts, pinpoints risks, streamlines remediation—and provides sustainability processes that ensure that controls are met (and risk reduced) on an ongoing basis.


Privileged Accounts Protected


Coverage KRI

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SPHEREboard for BigID

This is a best-of-breed solution that addresses the daunting challenge of protecting large volumes of unstructured data. It discovers where critical data resides, evaluates inappropriate access, zeroes in on the most vulnerable areas, locks down data, speeds remediation—and provides ongoing proactive protection.


Open access found


More remediations in a fraction of the time

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